What is Bad or Poor Credit?

The information found in your credit report determines if you have Bad Credit. If you’ve failed to repay loans, declared bankruptcy, regularly been late on payments, or maxed out your credit lines you appear to have bad credit and are considered more of a risk to lenders. Our finance team is dedicated to helping you get the right car loan that will get you on the road and help restore your credit rating!

What is No Credit?

People who have No Credit have never taken out a loan and have no credit cards. All you need to do is establish a good credit history by getting a small loan or credit card and paying off your debts before they are due and, if possible, in full.

Can I get a car loan after bankruptcy?

Absolutely! Re-establishing your credit with a car loan after bankruptcy can happen as soon as the day after you have been discharged. The most important step to repairing post bankruptcy credit is to show creditors that your bankruptcy was the clean slate you needed. Start over with CARS Credit and re-establish your credit rating.